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Here are some of the directions I'd like to take hip:Link in the immediate future:
  • Dynamic expressions - It would be great to support much better identification of dependencies from the DependsOn attributes, such as the ability to identify static classes without having to register them first. It should be noted, actually, that aside from the first component of the DependsOn attribute (and the dot immediately following it—which together identify the source of the binding), the rest of the string is passed directly to the Path attribute of the underlying MultiBinding, meaning you can use much more complex identification strings than I indicated in the introduction (I should also update the intro to explain this done).
  • Dynamic definitions - I would love to allow inline definitions of properties directly in XAML, based on the contributions of the WPFix project. I already use WPFix extensively in my own code for defining simple conversions directly in XAML.
  • Allow for some way to bind to properties in existing classes that do not implement any kind of change notification, or which do so by another means such as a custom event. We could perhaps introduce a SignalChange method that accepts a path and essentially forces the binding to re-evaluate itself so that changes can be passed-on to hip:Link manually.

To do:
  • Add default handling of dependencies treating this as the default, so that unqualified names will be treated as though they begin with "this.".

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